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Carolyn Suzanne is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, living and working in Athens, Georgia. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Temple University with a minor in Anthropology, and has worked in veterinary medicine for over six years. In the veterinary field she focuses on small and large animal surgery as a veterinary technician and hopes to follow those interests as she takes steps towards pursuing a doctorate in veterinary medicine. She has used art to cope with adversity, explore personal growth, and attempt to answer questions that arise during one’s coming of age. Carolyn believes that her non-traditional entry into the arts imbues her with a unique perspective and invaluable naivete. 

Carolyn travels as much as her life allows, preferring surreal and inspiring landscapes such as the desert and tropics where she feels both at home and somewhere else entirely. Yearning for a surreal life that always seems just out of reach, she fulfills these desires through her art-making, which hinges on her constant daydreaming. 


In her work, she explores ideas of love, lust, heartbreak, and uncertainty through vivid images of fantastic creatures and places. The enigma in her work serves to reflect the confusing nature of navigating big questions in life – which themselves may be sometimes seen as tangential to reality. Her works are celebrations of the serendipitous connections we make, recognitions of the complex emotions of love and sexuality, and reminders that life can be fantastic and unexpected. Affixed in the present, everything else is daydreams.

Her work has been exhibited at Colorspace Labs in Philadelphia, PA in a two-person show entitled 'ALL NICE' and at W/N W/N in Philadelphia, PA in a two-person show with her partner entitled 'do·mes·ti·ca·tion.'

Exhibitions -

do • mes •ti • ca • tion / 2 person exhibition / wIn wIn / Philadelphia, pa / jan 2019


all nice / 2 person exhibition / colorspace labs/ Philadelphia, PA / feb 2019

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